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7 Unique Fountain Pen Gift Ideas

Do you know a friend or loved one who has a passion for fountain pens?

Here is a quick list of 7 unique fountain pen gift ideas that you can buy for a someone who loves fountain pens or you can buy yourself if you love them!

1. Clear Fountain Pens

are a great idea if you want to showcase the inside of the actual pen.  Its also great if you want to show off a flashy ink color that might catch everyone's attention.

2. Full Metal Golden Clip Jinhao 450

If you like simple yet elegant, then this pen is for you.  This pen is flashy and feels good in your hands.  With a glossy finish and detailed in a gold finish, the Jinhao 450 is a great starter pen.

3. The Original Lamy Fountain Pen

This pen is a solid metal pen that is build to write!  If that special someone has a soft spot for fountain pens, you are sure to impress them with this pen!  This is a very high quality pen for the price its offered at.  If you want to get the most bang for your buck, this pen is for you.

4. Colorful Ink

If you are a doodler, you shouldn't just be doodling in black.  Switching up the colors can increase your creativity create better looking art (not to say that your art isn't already good looking).  Plus, if you don't like the color you currently have, you can always switch it up.

5. A Quality Case

If you take keeping your pens organized and out of harms way, then you should invest in a case.  Not only can you store multiple pens, you can travel with the pens because cases are travel size.  They can fit into a backpack or a suitcase and are perfect for traveling.

6. A Leather Notebook

No ordinary notebook will do for your friend or special someone, so get them a leather notebook.  A good notebook should have plenty of room to write notes in, doodle, or store your plans to take over the world.  Who cares!  Its your notebook so you do what you want.

7. Letter Sealing Wax And Handles

To top of the list, we saved the best for the last.  Stamping your letter is taking a step back to when letter writing was one of the few forms of communication.  Take the trip back in time and get yourself some wax and a stamp.

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